“We want to touch people with our music and we want to be touched by people because of our music” Lost In Japan's Singer Addison Johnson says. “We felt with our debut album we wanted people to be pulled in by some catchy hooks and sing along songs. But if you listen in and give more attention you'll find something more profound in the songs. We are constantly working on new material.” 

Although 80% of what they do is shenanigans, they are a band, they are LOST IN JAPAN. Known for their antics on stage and powerful performances, the London, ON-based group - singer Johnson, guitarist Chris Hoekstra, bassist Nolan Peake and drummer James Wiseman - show off their debut self titled album rocking stages all across Canada. Glued together by a tight friendship and mutual rivalry the band loves what they do and plan to continue to grow and expand their sound.


After their first release ‘Ghost & The Wolf’ EP the band began the take over of their hometown. Playing countless shows and almost every major bar. Lost In Japan has quickly became a hometown favourite. After winning the Free 98.1fm Made In London contest, the Jim Beam Make History Talent Search and winning the honour to play their local New Years Bash at Victoria Park, this band has started on a high with no signs of slowing down. 


Lost in japan also played a part in bringing the junos canada's biggest music awards to London, Ontario. With their single 'Animal' being chosen to advertise the city for the CARAS planning committee for the junoes. needless to say their music has left a mark.


One short year later the guys released their first full length album ‘Lost In Japan’. With an overarching story of growth and nostalgia, the band began to flesh out as songwriters and show off their skills. Working with Kyle Ashborne as producer/engineer at Sugar Shack Studios really help shape the album into what it is today. With Ashbourne also working on the EP, he is considered the fifth member of the band. Three songs off the record were done at EMAC Studios with producer Moe Berg and engineer Matt Grady, they helped bring a fresh sound into the album.


As the band moves forward they will continue to grow and connect with as many people as possible. Expanding from their hometown they are spreading their infections hooks and sing along songs to all of southern Ontario and the rest of the world. If you are looking for a chance to feel like you're on a journey in your hometown then look no further. Lost in Japan has just the thing for you.





Front Runner # 5

FrontRunner # 2


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